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Suzanne Perrin

Les Iris, Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland. Topology of a small street on the side of Neuchâtel lake, broaded with hybrid constructions between huts and country cottages, in a leisure zone near the camp-site. A fishermen’s village which became 'The Free Iris Community' since 1959. What remains today of this social and political utopia?

32 pages
45 monochrome photographs, text and archive images
12  x 16,5 cm
Offset, soft cover.
300 copies. Signed and numbered.
Design Philippe Desarzens
Editor Delphine Bedel

Publishing date: June 2012
ISBN 978-2-9700713-9-6.

Published by HEAD – Geneva University of Art and Design and Monospace Press. Collection hard copy #21

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