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A PLASTIC TOOL is the new photobook by Maya Rochat. The book questions the value of the contemporary image, using strategies of détournement and deconstruction to form complex visual ensemble, based on her photographic photographs. Interweaving these images with the print technology, she creates multi-fold narratives. The book is printed making use of various print technologies – Offset, stencil print and silkscreen – that overlaps on the page, producing a unique materiality. Conceived in layers, the works evolve in the expanded fields of photography, collage and painting, blurring the borders between anagogic, manual and digital. It invites the spectator into an organic universe, exploring emotional and conceptual readings. For their third editorial project together, Maya Rochat and Delphine Bedel are exploring further the haptic relation between print and photography, in a cutting-edge publishing experiment. 

ISBN: 978-90-821182-1-6
Format: Hardcover, portrait
Size: 21 x 27 cm, 96 pages
Edition: 250 ex, signed and numbered
Artworks & Design: Maya Rochat
Cover Design: Niels Wehrspann
Editor: Delphine Bedel
Printing: Offset, stencyl and silkscreen

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Maya Rochat is a multidisciplinary artist, who works in the fields of photography, collage, video and installation. Maya takes us into her own universe, a world mainly concerned with her immediate surroundings, tinged with mystery and blurring the boundaries between fiction and reality. Working with different media and materials, her work forms a vast web of intertwined images whose energy disturbs our habitual codes of interpretation and perception. Maya Rochat’s work is shown at Fotomuseum Winterthur, Fotohof Salzburg, Centre pour la photographie – Genève, Bâtiment pour l’art contemporain – Genève, Journées photographique de Bienne, F-Stop Leipzig among other. Her images are published in various revues and international magazines such as Aperture – New York, Photography & Culture, British Journal of Photography, Carpark magazine, YET, I-D Pure.